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Pet Dog Training 

Positive, reward based training......

What makes an enjoyable walk with your family pet?

Walks nicely on the leash? Comes when called?  There are hundreds of different things that we can train our pet dogs to do, what some people enjoy, others may frown upon or discourage. Hence, alongside the basics, pet-dog training is tailored to your specific requirements to help you and your dog get the most out of your walks....

Head over to the booking page to get started or read more below. 

Practical  Private  Training

Just you, me and your dog...

During the first session we will discuss any questions you may have about your dog and find out what you would like to achieve or improve on.  The lessons are then tailored accordingly and suit a range of ages from around 8 months  onwards. 

Frequently Covered in sessions are the following topics:

Jumping-Up Recall  Games   Leash Walking   Social Skills   Frustration-Tolerance Manners  Motivation  Obedience Fun

Sessions held on site 

NE17 7AT 


If you would prefer to train in group setting, classes for Puppies, Juniors and Gundog Specific now bookable online 

Group Workshops 

Group Training  options are available through a variety of workshops.

 Classes are designed to work on specific areas of training meaning there is less time waiting around covering a topic in which your dog is already great at.


Workshops are typically covering recall and leash walking (advanced versions of both available to follow on ) Spaniel specific, Junior Dog training, Activity workshops and Gundog Specific. 

All group Sessions held on site in a real life outdoor location. 

NE17 7AT 




Spaniel Savvy 


Most owners of pet  spaniels choose them to suit an active lifestyle. Generally it is to  to keep up with an outdoor lifestyle hiking, exploring and adventuring. 

Problems can arise when the dog develops his/her natural working instincts to hunt/chase and they are not managed correctly. Many clients do not feel they can let their springer, cocker or cockapoo off leash as they will ' run off' after birds, bunnies or sometimes even just an interesting smell! 

This can result in very stressful walks for both dog and owners - whilst the dog is resigned to life on leash. If this sounds like you, then a Spaniel Savvy workshop is a great place to kickstart your training. 

During the  session we will discuss any questions you may have about your dog and find out what you would like to achieve or improve on.  

Frequently Covered in sessions are the following topics:

Chase drive -  prey drive - recall - steadiness -  appropriate excercise management - leash walking - distance control 

Sessions are based on site 

NE17 7AT 



Teenage Dirtbag

Adolescence Troubleshooting...

During the adolescent stage our dogs can drive us absolutley potty.  Most clients are well aware of how time consuming a new puppy can be, but adolescence can make us seriously doubt our training abilities and generally not enjoy our dogs as much as we would like. 
Its also common to think that the behaviours your very young puppy exhibits are 'trained' - stays close, recalls well, stopped chewing? Then they turn into a teenager...this can be anytime from 6 months ish to 18 months and even 2 years old. 
The issues you may have massively vary, just like with human teenagers. Some may go off the rails alltogether, pushing away from the main care giver specifically. Some are typically a bit more anxious or worried and other are quite headstrong. 
The most common reported issues around this time are general exuberant and boisterous behaviour, not coming back when called and failing to respond to training that has previously been taught. 
There’s a lot going on in the teenage dog’s mind and body at this time and just like a human teenager, adolescent dogs can be frustrating and on occasion difficult to live with!
During this period, some dogs benefit more from 1-1 training whereas others only display unwanted behaviours in more arousing situations. You can choose your method of training via the book online page. 

Now matter which you opt for, we will generally look at the following. 

How to promote calm and settled behaviour
Improving leash skills
Not lunging/jumping at other dogs and people 
Touch training including application and removal of walking equipment 
How to tire their brain not their body 
Recall practice 
Proofing positions such as sit and down 

All sessions held on site at NE17 7AT 
Max 6 dogs 

Sessions are based on site 

NE17 7AT 

1 hour intro session £45

45 minute follow up £35

2 hour w group workshop £35 



Help at Home 

Help at home is available for issues in the home environment or when you are unable to travel to me.  

  • Separation Anxiety   

  • Isolation Distress

  • Manners/etiquette   social skills 

  • Unmanageable behaviours

  • Resource Guarding

  • Mouthing

  • Barking 

Home Visit £85  

Drop me an email with your postcode and availability to book 

Visits available within a 10  mile radius of NE17 

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