Fun-Dog Training 

Positive, reward based training......

Fun dog training is a combination of skills form various canine sports put together to help give you more things 'to do' with your dog an increase the skills set of both you and your dog. Elements included are basic trick training, agility skills, obedience, nosework and more. The skills developed will help you to give your dog more than just a walk. 

Private Training

Just you, me and your dog...

During the first session we will discuss any questions you may have about your dog and find out what you would like to achieve or improve on.  The lessons are then tailored accordingly and suit a range of ages, including senior dogs or those with physical restrictions. Sessions can be tailored towards helping you gain the ' Do More With Your Dog certification or simply a bit of fun!

Sessions held on site

NE17 7AT 

45 minute sessions £30

1 hour joint lesson £40 (with friend or another client )

Fun-Dog Club

My weekly training group is open to all who have basic skills such as recall and leash walking.  Training  primarily held at home  with the option of  training days with other sport specific trainers throughout the year. The club provides and informal, relaxed atmosphere in which to train .

Current club sessions held on site or  'on tour' in local walking spots where possible. 

NE17 7AT

1 hour session £15

Max 5 attendees. 

Summer/Autumn 2020 date tbc

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