Puppy Training 

Let me help you with the new addition to your family ...........

Getting a new puppy is one of the most enjoyable experiences but it can be overwhelming and daunting at times. There is o much information out there  with so many varying methods and opinions on 'the right way to do things'. The truth is, each puppy is different and each family is different, so lets find they way that works for you! 


New Puppy Help

Bringing a new puppy home can be a daunting experience. 

During the session I aim to cover the following topics but I am completely flexible and will tailor the session to suit you.  ​

·Crate Training        Toilet Training·        Isolation Distress        Feeding      Mouthing       Teething      Handling      Collar and Leash Intro·        How Puppies Learn       Socialisation·        Desensitisation·       Motivation

Home Visit £65 

Drop me an email with your postcode and availability to book 

Visits available within a 20 mile radius of NE17 

 Puppies can visit me in person as soon as they have had their vaccinations.  


Private Puppy Sessions

Just you, me and your puppy.

Your pup has plenty of potential to learn and to understand you, my techniques will lay the foundation for you to build upon. I combine your needs and wants with the natural attributes of your puppy. 

Sessions are tailored to your requirements but typically cover the following:

Loose Leash walking    Follow Me!    Motivation   Games

Early positions (sit,down,heel)   Recall   Desensitisation/Social Skills

Troubleshooting (stop undesired behaviours) 

Puppy sessions held on site .

45 minute session £32.50


Little Sprout this evening 🥰 I’m so ple

Puppy School 

Puppy training and socialisation classes are designed to help produce well mannered, sociable young dogs. Puppy class is aimed at pups from second vaccination up to 5 months. Puppy Plus is aimed at pups 6-12 months. 


Each session is split into short training activities and motivation/socialisation exercises. Outdoor training means your puppy can gain some real life experiences as well as making new friends.

 Handling        Accepting a collar/leash/harness     Walking Nicely    Early training cues ‘sit,stay,down’     Toilet training

·        Social Skills & Working with distractions       Desensitisation

·        How to eliminate jumping up       

Common puppy issues such as isolation distress, toilet training and mouthing/teething.

Current puppy classes are held sessions held on site.

4 x 1 hour session £65

Max 6 attendees. 

Additional workshops also available 

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