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My Dogs & Me

My Dogs and Me


I currently share my home with five dogs; Beanie & Sprout  working cockers, Polly a rescue spaniel, Rocco a lab/terrier mix and Elfie a collie/retriever mix .

My older spaniels have worked in the field as gundogs, competed in agility and took part in various training days and demonstrations.  Elfie was trained towards working trials and has  gained her trick training certificates. Last season she joined me picking up on a local shoot, not quite your average gundog but she does the job! 

Rocco enjoyed agility for a short while but loves a quiet life now!

Sprout is progressing well through her gundog journey training and has been a joy to train ( so far) Little Beanie joined us Summer 2021 and will hopefully team up with Sprout, allowing me to expand my training knowledge and abilities. 

Sadly in June 2020 I lost my beloved cocker Sweep to canine cancer. She taught me so much in her 11 years and is the reason I have a soft spot for dogs with attitude and their own opinions on how things should be done. 

I have worked with animals my entire life; in the equine industry,  as pet nutritional advisor and on a game farm for several years prior to focusing solely on dogs in 2012 via Central Bark, a daycare and training centre I opened in partnership with a friend.

Since focusing solely on dogs I have gained over 50,000 hours of hands on experience with dogs and the ability to  read  and understand canine body language. In addition to this I have  worked with hundreds of clients demonstrating a wide variety of issues, both through training classes and private work

I am an ADTB Gold Instructor, GODT member, Gundog Club Instructor and a student with the ISCP.

My training aims/goals for clients are to primarily create a harmonious relationship between dog and owner and to make sure that living with, walking or working your dog is an enjoyable experience not a major stress. Furthermore I adore seeing just how far dogs can go with their training and enjoy activities that were never thought possible.

Alongside puppy training and remedial sessions am regularly sought out by owners of 'Pet Gundogs' who have turned a little bit ‘self employed’ and are a danger to themselves out on a regular walk. Giving these dogs a job to do has massive benefits and can completely change your daily exercise routine.

No matter how ingrained the behaviour or how shocking you think is there are always improvements that can be made. Many trainers, myself included have personal experience of struggling with a dog of their own, making human/handler errors therefore I am not here to judge but to help you create a happy life with your dog, whatever their age or breed.

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