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Ready to train? Lets Go! A list of my core services are available to book below. 

From April to September group training is in full swing . As all groups are outdoors in real life settings we make the most of the 'good ' British weather to work, train and learn in as realistic an environment as possible.
The workshops typically run once a month so you can repeat a class you found useful if needed or look for something different to try. 

Workshops are typically weekend dates but evening workshops do run alongside June - August. 

.During the Spring/Summer 1-1 availability is limited to accomodate classes. As the  days  shorten towards October  1-1 availability increases .If you are unable to find a 1-1 session to suit please drop me an email with your availability and I will do my best to accommodate. 
All sessions held onsite NE17 7AT 


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