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Please read the following  to insure you are prepared for you training session.

Please be aware dogs female cannot attend if they are in season.

Please  be sure your dog is in good  health prior to attending. If your dog has a cough, loose stools or is generally unwell.. please seek veterinary help prior to recommencing training. 

In booking a session with me you agree to these terms and conditions. 

An email will be issued prior to your session including a video to help find our car park. Please ensure you do park where directed and not on the road side. 

Cancellation Policy 

Prior to booking a training place with me, please consider your availability and schedule. Upon booking I reserve a spot for you in a class of limited numbers or a slot with limited availability during daylight saving.. If you wish to cancel a class space I require 7 working days’ notice in order to refund your class fee. After this time class spaces are none refundable or transferable.  

If you wish to cancel or reschedule a private training space I require 48hrs notice. I will always do my best to reallocate your time slot, however this is not always possible and results in loss of income.

Unfortunately, I am unable to refund if a cancellation is made after this time, nor a can I issue partial refunds for missed classes or transfer the funds towards other services offered.

Any lessons 'banked' must be rebooked within 3 months. After this time the lesson is void and has been lost. No refund or transfer will be available. 

If you or your dog is unable to attend due to an injury or illness during your course, I will do our best to find you a space in a suitable class; but this cannot be guaranteed.

If I cancel a class, you will receive a full refund except for circumstances beyond my control i.e. adverse weather conditions. In the event of adverse weather conditions please check your emails or call ahead before setting off for your session. Weather updates will also be posted via social media.

Please fill in your booking form correctly. 

The emergency contact data will be used only for emergency purposes e.g in the event of an accident whilst training with Lyndsey Canine Coach. Please ensure your nominated person is aware that they are you emergency contact. 

​Dog  training  is not without risks. The training environment is assessed for hazards on a continuous basis to provide the safest possible environment in which to train your dog. There can be slip and trip hazards for handlers (persons) and natural hazards to the dogs therefore all training is undertaken at the handlers (persons) own risk. 

 Lyndsey Canine Coach  cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any person, vehicle, belongings or dogs whilst on site for training sessions, however arisen. 

Photographs may be taken during your session. If you do not wish for your images to be used on social media please let me know. 

Please bring along following items

  • High Value Treats- this must be something your dog just desires (Homemade Liver Cake, Hot Dogs, Cheese, Cooked Chicken, Ham, Beef) Also bring along some plain kibble (low category reward)

  • A pouch/bum-bag to hold your treats in, the type that goes around your waist or clips to your belt or if you have a jacket with a pocket in that you can get your hand in and out of easily.

  • Toys – preferably 2 (one should be a favourite toy)

    • A plain flat collar and a leash with a handle, harness preferable for puppies.  (No choke chains, prong collars, slip leads or extendable/flexi leads in training please *slip acceptable for gundog classes only))

  Puppy Group Class

In addition to the above please bring with you the following items.

Please bring along a flat bed or mat for your puppy to lie on. Teaching them to ‘settle’ is a big part of puppy culture.

A kong or chew is helpful to encourage calm behaviour

Gundog Training

Please bring along to training at least one high value toy (preferably two), a whistle (preferably Acme210.5 or 211) and high value training treats.  You may also need a bag or dummy vest.

Gundog sessions, recall, social walks and leash work will be held outdoors. Please dress accordingly including suitable footwear, particularly during the winter months.

Home Visits

Please ensure your dog has a quiet time beforehand - no excessive exercise.

Please do not feed your dog or puppy within a few hours prior to the session. As a reward-based trainer, I use food rewards as a big part of my training.

If your dog is has issues with new people and/or is uncomfortable with strangers entering the home, please secure your dog prior to my arrival. In some instances it is best to discuss the dog in depth prior to meeting him/her.



Parking instructions and accurate postcode issued the evening before your first session. 

Please try to arrive as close to your time slot as possible; whilst I understand delays are inevitable and cannot be avoided, this may mean I am unable to carry out your full session. Likewise, I appreciate your patience if you arrive early. Please do not open the yard gate if it is closed upon your arrival.  If you are more than 15 minutes late , your session will be voided.

Please ensure your dog has a quiet time beforehand class/training  - no excessive exercise.

Please clean up after your dog, poo bins are provided

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